Topic Do You Get What You Want?

  • Wed 22nd May 2019 - 10:34am

    Life is a succession of decisions. What and who we are Hypnosis Live Review today is the result of the myriad of tiny decisions that step by step brought us to this place in our lives. What you weigh is more or less the product of each tiny decision to eat or not to eat, and if so, what we decided to eat at the time.

    You have as much greatness hidden within you as any other man or woman who is living or has ever lived. However, greatness comes to each of us in "seed-form"; and as any farmer will tell you, it's not whether or not you have a seed that brings forth the harvest, it's what you do with that seed.

    In order to see a harvest either at the farm or in your own life, there are some things you must be willing to do.

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