TopicGoodbye to nail fungus in 5 days With this trick thanks to this secret

  • Wed 16th May 2018 - 7:32am

    Upon my inspection of Nutrition Hacks Fungus Hack, it appears there are a few problems. First of all, each bottle only has sixty capsules in it while the company suggests you try it for one hundred eighty days to see maximum results. This means that if you took the suggested two capsules a day that you would only be able to make one bottle last a month. So you would have to buy six bottles to make it through the one hundred eighty days to see the best results. This also gets a little weird with the one hundred eighty day return policy. If your one bottle only lasts thirty days then you most likely are not going to see any results and try to get your money back. It sounds like this could easily become a cycle of trying to get returns but ending up getting other bottles for better results. Not to mention that they “even let you keep your product as a way of saying thank you” like you are even going to have any product left. (And also your refund does not include the $14.99 in shipping).

    Another issue is was the lack of information on this product. On the actual website, there are no customer reviews, ingredients list, or much information at all besides how to buy it. With some further searching, you can find a few online reviews of the product similar to this one but still no one who has actually taken the supplement which is a little worrisome to me. Most companies like to boast about all the amazing things their product can do for you and all the ways that it is different than the competition but all Nutrition Hacks was displaying was the return policy.

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