TopicThe Growing Popularity of Agricultural Solar

  • Wed 9th Oct 2019 - 7:22am

    Most of the farmers have been producing renewable energy by growing corn in order to make ethanol. Also, growing number of ranchers and farmers have been adding to their income by harvesting the wind that blows across their land to make electricity. Farming and renewable energy have become a winning combination. Solar, wind and biomass energy can be harvested continually. It provides farmers with a long-term source of income and it can also be used on the farm to replace other fuels or can be sold as a "cash crop."


    Renewable Energy


    According to U.S. Department of Energy, wind energy alone can provide around 80,000 new jobs and nearly $1.2 billion in income to farmers and rural landowners by 2020. Renewable energy will help decrease global warming, pollution and dependence on imported fuels.


    There are many renewable energy options for farmers, these days. They can help make renewables a growing source of energy and rural income in United States using these renewables sources, in the coming years.  


    Solar Energy


    The energy that reaches earth every day from the sun, is enormous. While desert areas like Nevada and Arizona get more sunshine than other parts of the United States, most areas receive enough sunshine to make solar energy.


    This energy can be used in agriculture in a number of ways. These days, agricultural solar is helping save money, increase self-reliance and also in reducing pollution. Agricultural solar can cut down a farm's heating bills and electricity.


    Solar heat collectors are utilized in drying crops and warming homes, livestock buildings, and even greenhouses. For dairy operations, pen cleaning and homes, solar water heaters provide hot water without any extra effort. Photovoltaics can power farm operations and remote water pumps, electric fences and lights. Additionally, barns and buildings can be renovated to capture natural daylight, instead of using electricity. Therefore, solar energy is often less expensive than extending power lines.


    What You Can Do


    Today, most of us depend on the local renewable resources, energy markets, and the types of support available from state and federal government. Many states are requiring electricity companies to provide some power from renewable sources, so as to create new markets. While other states have funds for renewable energy development.


    For agricultural solar, many farmers are allowing net metering so as to make it easier and affordable for their farms to generate the power they need from renewables. They hire agricultural solar panel installer for more efficient solar power generation. 

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