TopicEasy And Simplest Way To Configure Roadrunner Mail On Nokia 8

  • Tue 24th Jul 2018 - 11:52am


    If you have Nokia 8 mobile and you don’t know how to setup Roadrunner on it, then have a look at some beneficial instructions. In which you can smoothly access Roadrunner mail on your Nokia 8 mobile. If you’re using Roadrunner mail on your Nokia 8 at the very first time and you know nothing about how it works then there is no need to hesitate. Just follow the steps:-

      Every internet user use email on their phone and some used to send a request on support link for setting up email on the new device. Here you can explore the easy and understandable steps, after exploring the steps, if you still getting a problem then you can go for an email support.





  • Tue 24th Jul 2018 - 12:09pm


     Firstly you have to open email app from your Nokia 8 phone. After that, Roadrunner will appear in the list of email server provider.

    <!-- [if !supportLists]-->1)      <!--[endif]-->Press ‘Next’.

    <!-- [if !supportLists]-->2)      <!--[endif]-->Press the ‘Roadrunner’ email and enter the valid email address in the space given on the page.

    <!-- [if !supportLists]-->3)      <!--[endif]-->You will see ‘Other’ option which is on the right side of the screen.

    <!-- [if !supportLists]-->4)      <!--[endif]-->Press to add an Roadrunner ID.

    <!-- [if !supportLists]-->5)      <!--[endif]-->Press ‘Next’.

    <!-- [if !supportLists]-->6)      <!--[endif]-->Using of IMAP or POP3 account type for RR mail.

    <!-- [if !supportLists]-->7)      <!--[endif]-->Easy synchronization of mail can be done with email app that’s why we advise you to select ‘IMAP’ account type.

    <!-- [if !supportLists]-->8)      <!--[endif]--> Now, key in the password for required email account. If you have forgotten the password then you can get it back from where you have entered it once, also check the history settings of your internet Brower.

    <!-- [if !supportLists]-->9)      <!--[endif]-->Enter incoming server address along with password. Enter your personal details asked in the next couple of columns.

    <!-- [if !supportLists]-->10)   <!--[endif]-->Press ‘Next’

    <!-- [if !supportLists]-->11)   <!--[endif]-->Proceed to next step where you will find details related to security type.

    <!-- [if !supportLists]-->12)   <!--[endif]-->  Press ‘None’ for step 11.

    <!-- [if !supportLists]-->13)   <!--[endif]-->Enter server information for outgoing mail address.

    <!-- [if !supportLists]-->14)   <!--[endif]-->Don’t forget to disable ‘Auto-login’ option available under sign in button.

    <!-- [if !supportLists]-->15)   <!--[endif]-->Open ‘Edit’ page.

    <!-- [if !supportLists]-->16)   <!--[endif]-->You need to set a user name for your account. This name will be appeared on the receiver screen when you send any message to him/her.


    <!-- [if !supportLists]-->17)   <!--[endif]-->Now the process of installation is complete. You can take tour of your email account by signing in with the login credentials.



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  • Tue 24th Jul 2018 - 12:54pm


    Thank you, but I'm concerned about one thing: If I use the same outgoing server, won't that mess up me using my own email?


    (I use a different domain name email address.)

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